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Sustaining a multilingual web presence

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We get quite a few questions about how the World Bank manages to coordinate its web presence in a multitude of languages and still keep most of the multilingual content up-to-date and relevant.

Valerie Hufbauer, the head of the World Bank Multilingual Web Team, will be answering some of those questions at the next Web Managers Roundtable in Washington DC taking place here, at the World Bank, in two weeks.

From the event site:

We’ll look at the case study provided by The World Bank, a global web leader that wrangles 59 languages and users from more than 67 countries with a site in another language other than English. Our examination will take us from the content and process strategies they’ve developed to the trends they’ve identified for 2010. We’ll see how they’ve established and sustained their multilingual web presence, how they decide what to translate, how they manage these translation needs, and how they maintain brand consistency and content accuracy across dozens of sites.

If you can't make it to the Web Managers Roundtable this month and have questions for Valerie, leave us a comment and I'll do my best to get them answered here.


Submitted by Constance on
I'm planning to build up a multilingual website. Not as big as yours but would like to know more on how the WB is doing such a great job. Is there any PPT to view or any podcast/videocast to listen to/watch ? Cheers, C.

Submitted by Constance on
Hi Sameer, not heard back from you yet. Any way to know more about how the WB is coordinating a multilingual website? By the way, that's great that Margaret posted something, I had the impression you just closed this blog after the season greetings break. Cheers! C.

Hey Constance. We've got the slide deck from Val's talk posted on Slideshare. Sorry for the delay. Been a bit crazy here recently.

Submitted by Constance on
TA ;-) Been reading your other posts while waiting for this PPT. Raises a lot of questions. Really interesting. Languages are of strategic importance for people and the planet. Cheers PS: captcha hard to decrypt (eg. N=K?)

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