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World Bank Blog Planet: alive and kicking

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New World Bank Blog PlanetIf you're reading this post, then the new World Bank blog platform at is live and open to the public.

A bit of context: the World Bank has had blogs for several years, detailing everything from regional updates to topical news to specialized research spaces. In an effort to bring some technical and brand consistency to the often disparate blogs, the Web Program Office has built a centralized platform (in Drupal) that will serve as the basic structure for Bank blogs going forward.

Making it easier for you.

Apart from the obvious technical benefits for us, what does the new platform mean for you, the user?

Well, one of the biggest improvements is the new "blog planet" at that aggregates the most recent and featured posts from all the blogs on the platform. Now, with a quick glance, you can see what people are talking about across the Bank in one place. You can also search for a particular topic or issue and see all posts related to that search term across all the blogs — and even better, subscribe toRSS  feeds by tag, topic, country, or region.

We've currently migrated five blogs over to the new platform, and will be steadily adding more as the weeks go by. I'll keep you updated as to our progress on that front.

In the meantime, if you have any thoughts about the platform, good or bad, let me know so we can make the experience better for you.

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