Over the past decade, Bangladesh has improved its human capital. Child and maternal mortality reduced, the rate of stunting for children under 5 dropped from 43 percent in 2007 to 31 percent in…

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В Центральной Азии, сильно зависящей от экспорта сырья и денежных переводов, сокращение ВВП может составить 1,7 процента в 2020 году.

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For the Central Asia region, which is so commodity and remittance dependent, economic output will likely contract by 1.7 percent in 2020, according to the latest Economic Update for Europe and…

Lilia Burunciuc, Ivailo Izvorski |

Despite this commendable progress, and notwithstanding the Afghan government’s commitment to improving human capital in recent years, Afghanistan still has long ways to go to realize its full…

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علی رغم این پیشرفت های قابل تحسین و باوجود تعهد دولت افغانستان برای بهبود وضعیت سرمایه بشری در سالهای اخیر، افغانستان هنوز هم برای رسیدن به ظرفیت کامل سرمایه بشری خود، به ویژه در زمینه صحت و آموزش…

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د ستاینې وړ دغو پرمختګونو او روستیو کلونو کې د بشري پانګې د وضعیت د ښه‌والي لپاره د افغان دولت د ژمنو سربېره، لا هم افغانستان ته اوږد مزل پاتې دی چې د بشري پانګې په ځانګړي ډول د روغتیا او زده‌کړو…

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Through their renewed road safety partnership, the World Bank and Bloomberg Philanthropies aim to save an additional 600,000 lives on the road, and prevent up to 22 million injuries.

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المكاسب التي تحققت بشق الأنفس في مجالي الصحة والتعليم على مدى العقد الماضي معرضة للخطر حيث تنهار الخدمات الأساسية ودخل الأسرة.

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Hard-won gains in health and education over the past decade are at risk as essential services and household incomes crumble.

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