A pioneering project in Colombia aims to demonstrate how a climate-smart business model can deliver increased sales of high quality cocoa beans while ensuring more productive land use.

Maria Soledad Requejo, Roy Parizat |

Sri Lanka is pioneering an integrated land management approach to restore its natural resources and create new rural jobs in farming, forestry, nature-based tourism, and transport.

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The Emergency Multi-Sector Rohingya Crisis Response Project is supporting the Bangladesh government to scale up access to essential services such as energy, water, sanitation, and disaster-…

Swarna Kazi, Ignacio Urrutia |

When the Ngoni people gather in Chipata, the Eastern province of Zambia, to celebrate their annual traditional ceremony, they tell stories of the past; when thick forests covered the hills, ridges…

Ngao Mubanga, Neeta Hooda, Ademola Braimoh, Evanshainia Syiem |

Do you know that in Liberia, half of the population lives within 2.5 kilometers of a forest and is depending on them?

Khwima Nthara, Sanjay Srivastava |

Benin’s forests provide energy, food, medicine, places of worship and income that support the livelihoods of thousands of communities. They also regulate the air they breathe, the water they drink…

Maria Sarraf, Manuela Ravina da Silva |

Valuing ecosystem services provided by forests in Pursat Basin Cambodia

Maurice Andres Rawlins, Elisabeth Steinmayr, Werner Kornexl |

A recent World Bank report finds that the Bank’s strategic use of climate-related trust funds has enabled it to play an outsized role in catalyzing climate action worldwide for nearly 30 years.…

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