When President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani first took office in 2014, one of his top priorities was the overhaul of Afghanistan's public procurement to ensure public contracts be awarded and…

Ahmad Shah Naqshbandi |

اداره ملی تدارکات افغانستان و کمیسیون تدارکات ملی یک سلسله دستورالعمل های استراتیژیک را ارایه کرده، اولویت های اصلاحات را تعیین و بر روند تدارکات ملی نظارت می کند.

Ahmad Shah Naqshbandi |

The National Procurement Authority and National Procurement Commission provide strategic directions, establish reform priorities, and oversee public procurement.

Ahmad Shah Naqshbandi |

The World Bank Group's 2020 Human Capital Index reminds us that much still needs to be to done to strengthen human development outcomes such as health and education.

Hartwig Schafer |

Countries often face competing policy priorities for their limited resources. Achieving many of their goals is a tall order, especially when basic information on where the real problem lies is…

Arianna Legovini, Guadalupe Bedoya, Sveta Milusheva, Robert Marty, Amy Dolinger |

A World Bank grant has supported the Afghan government to help infected persons, at-risk populations, medical and emergency personnel, service providers, as well as medical and testing facilities…

Dr. Fraidoon Farzad, Dr. Ahmad Wali Rasekh |

According to the most recent household survey data, close to 15 million Afghans across 2 million households are particularly vulnerable to economic lockdown.

Cesar A. Cancho, Tejesh Pradhan |

بر اساس معلومات تازه ترین سروی خانوار، نزدیک به ۱۵ میلیون افغان که شامل ۲ میلیون خانواده می‌گردند، به طور مشخص در معرض آسیب پذیری شدید اقتصادی ناشی از محدودیت‌ های گشت و گذار و قرنطین شهر ها قرار…

Cesar A. Cancho, Tejesh Pradhan |

په افغانستان کې د کورنۍ د شرایطو د نوې سروې د معلوماتو پر اساس، نژدې ۱۵ میلیونه افغانان چې ۲ میلیونه کورنۍ دي، په مشخص ډول د ګرزبنديزونو او قرنطین له امله له سختو اقتصادي زیانونو سره مخ دي.

Cesar A. Cancho, Tejesh Pradhan |

As one of Afghanistan's major development partners, the World Bank remains committed to helping the country in the fight against COVID-19, and stand by the Afghan people, who remain resilient…

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