The World Bank has been working closely with Sierra Leone to improve urban mobility. Part of this involves giving local students the skills and resources they need to become the transport leaders…

Xavier Espinet, Fatima Arroyo Arroyo |

What makes the public and private engagement in hydromet services successful, and why does it work in some countries and not in others?

Anna-Maria Bogdanova, Makoto Suwa, Guillermo A. Siercke |

COVID-19 has forced transport professionals to rethink the way they anticipate and prevent risk. But how exactly can we measure the costs and benefits of enhancing the resilience of transport…

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COVID-19 has made it clear: as we work toward a new normal, resilience and risk management must be at the heart of transport planning.

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The COVID-19 pandemic reminds us that being able to move patients, key workers, and essential supplies quickly can mean the difference between life and death. So, how can we ensure reliable…

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From responding to COVID-19 to promoting inclusive economic growth, transport is key to addressing global issues, but an important challenge of the sector is its considerable contribution to…

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Did you know that a major share of infrastructure, population and economic activities in Seychelles is located in a small strip of coastal zone that is vulnerable to climate risks?

Ede Ijjasz-Vasquez, Brenden Jongman |

Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr OBE was sworn in May 2018 with a commitment to transform the city of Freetown using an inclusive, data-driven approach to address challenges in the city.

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Medical emergencies are often a race against time. When minutes can make the difference between life and death, access to resilient roads is critical to ambulances and other essential services.…

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The Sustainable Mobility for All initiative (SuM4All) recently unveiled its Global Roadmap of Action, a groundbreaking new tool that will allow decision-makers to take concrete action toward safer…

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