Delhi and the surrounding National Capital Region (NCR) are often the focus of media reports on air quality, but poor air quality is a concern across the country, as noted in a recent World Bank…

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Do you know that in Liberia, half of the population lives within 2.5 kilometers of a forest and is depending on them?

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A new report looks at the kinds of policies actions three cities have taken to tackle poor local air quality, providing lessons for other cities.

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Un rapport évalue les effets des actions de lutte contre la pollution sur la qualité de l'air.

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¿De qué manera los países pueden hacer crecer sus economías y al mismo tiempo controlar la contaminación atmosférica? En un nuevo informe del Banco Mundial se analiza esta pregunta compleja

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يبحث تقرير جديد في أنواع الإجراءات السياساتية التي اتخذتها ثلاث مدن لمعالجة ضعف جودة الهواء المحلي، مما يوفر دروسًا للمدن الأخرى.

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Descarbonizar, o llegar a cero emisiones netas de carbono, significa reducir a niveles cercanos a cero las emisiones de carbono de combustibles fósiles, deforestación, y procesos industriales; y…

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A recent World Bank report finds that the Bank’s strategic use of climate-related trust funds has enabled it to play an outsized role in catalyzing climate action worldwide for nearly 30 years.…

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Plastic pollution in oceans a cause of concern amid COVID-19 (Coronavirus) with the increased use of single-use plastic.

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