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Submitted by Danilla Carolyne on

Personally I think there is need to revise the whole higher education curriculum in Middle and low income countries. It's one thing to teach a student in the classroom, but it's totally different when it comes to application. We learn by doing. And maybe University time is not enough for all of that but that's where post graduate internships and on job training come in. However, most employers either don't have the capacity or the patience for that because they need value for money in the short term while neglecting long term benefits. Unemployment is on the rise clearly and for females it has adverse repercussions because it mostly leads to early marriage and very few taking on post graduate studies. In our current job market, a university degree is slowly losing relevance and further qualifications and skills are needed to support it. I encourage fellow youths to take advantage of the various scholarships and traineeships to enhance their skills.