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Submitted by Alfred Lakwo on

Sub Saharan Africa is loosing out on addressing youth unemployment because of down playing Myth 5. Our leaders have ignored the Maputo Declaration and allocate a dismal share of the national budget to this sector. Many countries have failed to understand why youth do not desire agriculture but agribusiness (what many now in Uganda call, "Cool Agriculture.").

In my last 3 years of engagement with youth, I noticed that many youth who venture into farming as a business have higher potential to exit extreme poverty compared to their counterparts in low wage formal employment largely driven by vocational skilling. This is because these youth target ache markets especially of horticultural crops and small ruminants with high market potentials and very short gestation period.

Until our policy makers wake up to the truth that our jobs, wealth, and inclusive development inheres in agriculture, many wrong choices as are indicated in the various myth will continue to persists unfortunately to a bulging unemployed youth population whose delayed transition (or increased wait hood) will only increase household dependency ratio, widen economic inequalities, and frustrate SDG.