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Submitted by Seyni Mbaye on

I read the article and found it very interesting. However, I disagree on what you have written about the benefits of globalization for Africa.
I think that Africa needs to withdraw into itself in order to gain some strength before getting involved into the international market. It can be analogically compared to having sharks and tunas in a same tank. The tunas are going to end up with crumbs and live under the dictatorship of sharks. On another hand, I agree with you saying that Africa has to make an enormous progress when it comes to higher level education. We have to stop relying on transfers of technology and come up with our own machines that meet our needs and are adaptive to our environment.
You also said that Africa exports a lot products to China but that does not creates many jobs. I think that is an example that shows that Africa is not ready for globalization yet. I think we need to wait until we can for example export steel instead of iron mines to get involved in the international trade.
I think Africa needs to invest more in education in order to have a high quality human capital that will be able to extract, transform, and export finished goods. In that way, several jobs are going to be created at every single step and several other problems that Africa is actually encountering such as poverty and hunger can be resolved. Africans will then have higher incomes allowing them to have higher standards of living.

Very nice article :).