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Submitted by David Rurangirwa on

Interesting blog, Stephen and Mbaye. You captured all the elements that need to be addressed if we are to achieve meaningful employment rates in Africa. Africa has experienced a mismatch between labor supply and demand for decades and undoing the harm caused will take concerted efforts, requiring us to run extra miles where other economies are running ordinary miles. When it comes to supply, our education systems need a complete overhaul, right from basic education. Our education system needs to focus on key competencies demanded by the modern day economy. Whereas the economic trends have gone through several revolutions-from agrarian to industrial to knowledge/information; the education system has not matched up. We still teach and learn subjects that are completely irrelevant today and tomorrow. Today's learner needs to be equipped with the skills to acquire and organize knowledge for productivity. An ability to acquire, organize, and use knowledge across the various trades will help to create a labor force that is flexible to fit in today's rapidly changing economy.

When entrepreneurship and innovation become a culture, matching demand and supply will become easy. African governments will just need to remove red tape like you pointed out, and put in place policies that enhance this culture.