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Marcela Sanchez, Communication Officer at the World Bank, is in charge of media relations with Latin American media.Before joining the Bank, Marcela... Read more »
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Dr. Marcial Rubio entered teaching in 1972 and became a full-time professor since 1973. He has written 23 books, including "Study of the Constitution of... Read more »
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Margaret Grosh is the Lead Economist for Human Development in the Latin American and Caribbean Region and co- leader for the Safety Nets Global Exp... Read more »

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Maria Beatriz Orlando is Senior Economist and Gender Coordinator for the Latin American and Caribbean Region. Before joining the World Bank, she worked... Read more »
María Catalina Ochoa's picture
Maria Catalina Ochoa is an Urban Transport Specialist at the World Bank’s Latin America and Caribbean region. A Colombian national, Catalina joined the... Read more »
María Eugenia Bonilla-Chacín's picture
María Eugenia Bonilla-Chacín is a Senior Economist working on the Health, Nutrition and Population Global Practice at the World... Read more »
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Maria L. Madrid is the Knowledge Management and Operations Officer for the Latin America Water Supply and Sanitation unit (LCSWS) at the World Bank.... Read more »
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Maria Margarita is a Senior Highways Engineer who joined the World Bank in the East Asia and Pacific Region in 2002; she has led transport sector... Read more »
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Victoria Ojea, Online Communications Producer for Southern Cone (Argentina, Paraguay y Uruguay) and Central America, joined the World Bank in July 2012.... Read more »
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Director, Finance and Private Sector Development, World Bank Read more »
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Mariana is the Online Producer for Brazil. Prior to joining the Bank she worked for almost ten years at Correio Braziliense, the leading daily in Brazil... Read more »
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Marie Chantal Messier is a Senior Nutrition Specialist for the Latin America and Caribbean region. Prior to joining the World Bank, she was Senior... Read more »
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Martín Becerra es especialista en medios de comunicación, economía de las industrias culturales y convergencia digital. Doctor en Ciencias de la... Read more »
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Mary Lisbeth González, World Bank Senior Social Development Specialist, has been working in social development and inclusion applied to the agricultural... Read more »
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Maryanne Sharp is a Senior Operations Officer with eleven years experience in WB operations in Africa, and two years leading the WB Health, Nutrition... Read more »
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Mr. Cirasino joined the World Bank in July 1998 and is Manager of the Financial Infrastructure Service Line and Head of the Payment Systems Development... Read more »
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Meeckel B. Beecher is a youth development enthusiast who subscribes to the idea that the effective mobilization and utilization of youth are fundamental... Read more »
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Michel Matera is a Senior Disaster Risk Management Specialist at the World Bank Global Practice for Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience. He has more... Read more »
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Michele Gragnolati joined the World Bank as a Young Professional in 1998 and since 2000, he served first as an economist with the Health sector in ... Read more »

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Miguel Angel has graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid. Also, he was head of Culture of La Clave and head of Culture and Society... Read more »
Miguel Eduardo Sanchez is a Macroeconomic and Fiscal Management Economist at the World Bank. His CV spans several Latin American countries, including... Read more »
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Muthukumara Mani is a senior environmental economist in the Sustainable Development Department of the World Bank’s South Asia Region. He primarily ... Read more »