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  • Reply to: Como garantir estradas rurais de qualidade o ano inteiro? A população de Tocantins responde   1 month 1 week ago

    Muito obrigado, Sr Satoshi San pelas boas notícias e descrições do projeto de Tocantins oeste. Os facilitadores do planejamento foram ótimos. Caso definitivo para avaliar impactos socioeconômicos regionais, até na Ilha do Bananal! Volta sempre, Jason

  • Reply to: “La buseta”, “el pesero” and other things we miss in public transportation from Bogota and Mexico City   1 month 2 weeks ago

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  • Reply to: Changes must come to the way agriculture is funded in Brazil   1 month 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for Thanks for the good work you are rendering. We have a community based
    organization called, Mityana Open Troop Foundation, in Uganda-Africa.

    Over 11years, we have been equipping sustainable vocational skills plus providing start up tools to disadvantaged girl youths, unemployed youth due to lack of job skills, single mothers and girls expelled from schools due to teenage pregnancies, and former prostitutes. We have been conducting vocational training among disadvantaged girl
    youths since 2007, where by a total number of over 750 have graduated
    and started up own workshops while others got employed.

    Humbly, we are looking for support of funding indigenous agriculture promotion in our vocational trainees and rural communities. Our communities have scarcity of food, due to poor methods of farming practiced, thus continuous famines. We want to ensure food security among communities.

    Please how can we be supported by your good organization?

    Waiting for your response. Thanks.

    Kind regards,

    Mathew Yawe

    Executive Director Mityana Open Troop Foundation.

  • Reply to: Latin America: Most still keep their money under the mattress   1 month 3 weeks ago

    most interesting. where credit has not been institutionalized, we are likely to find some form of barter. and the away from institutionalized credit the more likely that actual currency (ie, gold, silver, copper) will be used.

  • Reply to: Towards a culture of prevention: Disaster risk reduction begins at home!   2 months 3 weeks ago

    I'm in complete agreement with your idea.