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  • Reply to: Why is Belize similar and different from its neighbors?   2 weeks 13 hours ago

    Dear Bob,

    Many thanks for your supportive comments. I take note of the point on the barrier reef. My environmental and biologist colleagues tell me that Belize has the largest "living" barrier reef, but I don't think there is any data to support that claim, so your point is of course well taken. I have high hopes for this beautiful country and its sustainable growth, both from an economic and environmental points of view.


  • Reply to: Why is Belize similar and different from its neighbors?   2 weeks 6 days ago

    Mr.Carneiro, thank you for such a well-rounded look at Belize. The need for better education and medical services are especially acute.
    Just a quick correction, the barrier reef is the largest in the Western Hemisphere but second globally to Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Both reefs are threatened by climate change and over-exposure to tourism and over-fishing -- and even the prospect of off-shore oil exploration. The last is not financially feasible at the moment but seems to be a ticking bomb, awaiting the days when oil prices again soar.That worries me. Again, thank you. I look forward to more on Belize. (My own blog "Bound for Belize" keeps me in and out of trouble on this little corner of Paradise!) -- Bob Hawkins

  • Reply to: Without empowered women, there is no future for rural areas   5 months 6 days ago

    Muito linda essa história.

  • Reply to: Fancy a nice cup of Haitian coffee? It may be closer than you think   7 months 4 weeks ago

    Mrs. Barton-Dock, I think that the key sentence in your text is that one : "...where there is no electricity and no passable roads..." Those two things are the starting point of all development. How could it be possible to develop Haiti by its agriculture in the 21st century? I believe if those two conditions are satisfied the haitian market will be developed by itself.

  • Reply to: What are we talking about when we talk about “subnational” governments?   7 months 4 weeks ago

    If local governments cover proximity, and are a subset of subnational governments, is there a need for the term "decentralized government"? Shouldn't it instead be limited to "decentralized services/actions/governance" (services/etc. provided by subnational governments that used to be provided by national governments)? Or is "government" in "decentralized government" a kind of action term, encompassing the various acts of governing, rather than the structures or institutions (which I presume would be covered by "subnational government")?