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  • Reply to: What connectivity means for Brazil’s youngest state   1 month 3 weeks ago

    Great article. In 2002, I visited Tocatins with a World Bank transport project mission looking at the economic opportunities. We visited another vulnerable group, migrants who had literally nothing. After talking to these internal migrants, it brought tears to my eyes.

    Now, working on creative industries globally in T&C, in a joint IFC - World Bank activity we are including Tocatins' craft products into a database which we will share with a global home goods retailer, an IFC client. We are keen on creating markets for crafts and other creative and traditionally "manufactured" products and services, and hence give also youth in isolated places an outlook. Their talents, especially their creative talents and know-how matter, and are relevant in the world of "exchanges". We are all still learning, as Martin rightfully is stating.

  • Reply to: So-called natural disasters are not unpredictable   3 months 3 weeks ago

    Why all these catastrophes are affecting so many Hispanic population? Like Mexico Texas Florida and Puerto Rico who's going to be next California?

  • Reply to: Looking at Colombia through the peace lens   3 months 4 weeks ago

    Terrific article Marcelo!

  • Reply to: South-South Knowledge Exchange: Development Tourism… or Real Results?   4 months 1 week ago

    Thank you, Igor, for this thought-provoking post. The World Bank Group and the international development community consider South-South Knowledge Exchange to be an effective instrument to accelerate development processes, helping to get better results faster by inspiring and equipping change agents with successful experiences from peer countries and institutions. The use of SSKE in a WB project cycle allows for:
    • Faster project preparation
    • Consensus and coalition building
    • Overcoming implementation bottlenecks
    • Facilitating transfer of operational lessons learned

    However, experience shows that for SSKE to yield tangible results and be really transformative, they need to be well designed and implemented. How can we make sure that SSKEs produce maximum impact? It is with this goal in mind that, one year ago, the South-South Facility was restructured to focus on results, through increased attention to design and implementation.
    With an integrated knowledge sharing approach, the South-South Facility now goes beyond raising awareness and focuses on supporting our clients to find and implement solutions that work.
    Overt the past few years, the World Bank has developed a range of tools and services that are now being used within the scope of knowledge exchanges funded under the South-South Facility to make the transfer, the acquisition and the creation of new knowledge effective and efficient, and thereby to enhance the quality and impact of SSKEs, making sure they lead to the replication of good practice.

  • Reply to: In Brazil, electricity meters transform lives and enlighten businesses   10 months 6 days ago

    I would be interested in learning about similar opportunities in other Latin American counties. Thank you for your feedback.