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These specific projects that applied for MIGA guarantees were all initiated from Sierra Leone residents. Any other interests in Sierra Leone for investment have been mainly in sectors where Sierra Leone offers unique products or opportunities, particularly mining. This sector is receiving the largest interest. There has been recent investment in some agricultural based projects, like in the biofuel sector, such as those by Addax. Since land-access is inexpensive and vast amounts of land remain underutilized (estimated 25% of arable lands), many foreign investors are looking to grab available lands to produce products for export and although the investments have small impacts on domestic development, the goals are to export products. The cost of land and labour are usually the main hindrances for these types of projects elsewhere in the world, therefore making Sierra Leone and other African nations particularly interesting for these types of investments. That is why there has been an increase in European biofuel projects in the southern hemisphere. Other typical post-war investments in road building and other infrastructure improvements have also increased, but these type of investments always emerge after wars or periods of civil unrest in developing countries because large amounts of donor funds are often given to the governments for improvements in these areas. Regardless, there is little interest in other investment sectors in Sierra Leone outside of these specific or unique opportunity areas. The country still poses a considerable level of risk due to numerous challenges, i.e. corruption, lack of concrete legislation, unclear frameworks and procedures, complex bureaucratic governance, ineffective rule of law (volatile population), just to name a few. There is no doubt, however, that the post-war administrations have made some effort on improving the investment climate in Sierra Leone, but there is still considerable work left to do. Sierra Leone is a certainly a beautiful country with many opportunities and, if it were properly managed, could be changed into a prosperous West African country. If, however, they continue business-as-usual, it is doubtful that much progress will be made in securing serious investor interest in other sectors, such as in tourism or other development areas, outside of the usual resource investments. So - Sierra Leone, make the necessary changes and improve your country, you have the opportunity and it is all up to you!