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First and foremost kudo's to Michael Burr for sharing this piece, it show's that Sierra Leone is headed in the right direction. As a Sierra Leonean myself, living and working in Freetown, Sierra Leone I'll tell you guys that the investment climate in Sierra Leone is a budding one but with ample room for improvement if an investor wishes to give it a try. Yes corruption is still endemic, rule of law is not at it's best, electricity supply is improving though sometimes erratic, infrastructural devlopment is on the up and go and the health sector has received a tremendous boost i.e the free health care for under five years and lactating mothers. This is just a gist of the Sierra Leonean scene as it is now. I know all investors would be looking at what would be their returns on investment but like someone said inter-earlier; though you'll be looking at making money just feel gratifeid that if you invest now you'll e contributing to nation building. In life it's not always about money, there are other things that make mother earth such a glorious place to live in. On this note I advise anyone who wants to invest in Sierra Leone, to give serious thought to investing in the tourism sector cause that's a sector of our society that has untapped potential.