Chart: 1 in 3 Companies Constrained by Corruption


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Interviews with managers and business owners in more than 130,000 firms across 135 economies found that 1 in 3 companies identify corruption as a major constraint to operating their establishments. Almost a fifth of firms are expected to give gifts to public officials in order to "get things done.” Read more about the World Bank Group's Enterprise Surveys.

Ismaila A. Hassan
May 12, 2016

In the public sector the situation is worse and endemic, it has become part of the system. Public procurement policies are always violated,nothing happens without corruption antecedents attached to it,loopholes in the anticorruption laws make it possible for corrupt officials to escape with their loots.One could only excel in the system if you are partisan with culprit elites. The system has really rotten to the extent that nothing happens without material benefits for the corrupt elites. This is what is making meaningful development impossible, and give way for poverty, hungerand starvation, and inequality to florish. Politics has added to the inability of governance to address the issue of corruption at higher places in the public and private sectors. We really need to checkmate corruption at all levels through collaboration with everybody onboard.

February 05, 2020

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