Chart: Stunting Declining in Most Regions, but Increasing in Africa


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The number of stunted children has declined steadily since 1990, and many countries are on course to meet the global target of reducing stunting by 40% by 2025. But the absolute number of stunted children increased in Sub-­Saharan Africa from nearly 45 million in 1990 to 57 million in 2015, and the region will not meet the target if the current trend is not reversed. Read more in the 2017 Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals.

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May 16, 2017

thank you for detailed information. I will use this information to address issue of malnutrition in Tanzania

Bamidele Obafemi
May 22, 2017

What Africa has to do is feed its populace. We can't forever continue to import food when we can grow them in the Continent.