Chart: What Are the World's Wettest Countries?


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Africa has the world’s least developed weather, water, and climate observation network, with half of its surface weather stations not reporting accurate data. Hydrological and meteorological (“hydromet”) hazards are responsible for 90% of total disaster losses worldwide. Being able to understand, predict, and warn citizens about natural hazards and disasters drives the ability of governments to reduce economic risks and save lives.

The World Bank’s research shows that annually, countries can save US$13 billion in asset losses alone by investing in hydromet services. This week, Africa’s first-ever ministerial level Meteorology Hydromet Forum formally recognizes the role hydromet services play in development.

Rachid Mrabet
September 22, 2017

What are the solutions for this huge gap in information and services? Climate change impacts are high associated with extreme risks on vital sectors and may cause migration and connected livelihoods fragility.