Chart: Which developing economies are known for high-tech exports?


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In 2015, developed economies including Germany, the United States, and Japan led the world in exporting of high-tech goods, including those in the aerospace, computer, and pharmaceutical industries. But developing economies are exporting these types of goods as well. Among developing economies, Mexico, Malaysia and the Philippines were world leaders in high-tech exports.

The World Bank Group's recently launched open data portal, TCdata360, is now the go-to source for this type of data on trade and competitiveness. Try it out and share your visualizations on Twitter with hashtag #TCdata360.


Samad Ayub Khan
January 19, 2017

Can we talk on complex or diffrence facts & figurd in Finance?

kwadwo Asante
January 19, 2017

I will be humble to read the full excerpts o the report.

Roland David
January 29, 2017

In the emerging global technology and engineering the Philippines has a highly potential, The younger people percentage is higher than the ages over 50's. The ages between 12 to 30 are the vast population and these are the technology and engineering emerging group. Thanks.