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Thanks Aaron. Feedback and suggestions like yours are really valuable to us as we continue to improve the functionality and interface of our data tools. To answer your question, yes you can see more than one country at a time for an indicator. Here is how: 1. log into Databank ( 2. click on Saved Reports from the upper left navigation bar 3. choose the graph you want to edit 4. click on the chart options button (it has a gear icon) 5. in the Orientation section, click custom 6. choose the following values: Country (x-axis), Series (page), Time (y-axis) 7. click the "Apply changes" button 8. if that worked, remeber to save the report (it has a diskette icon) Remember, you can always contact us for help by email at [email protected] or by phone at 800-590-1906. Cheers, Sup