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Submitted by Roos Bouman on
Dear Ms/Mr, At the moment, I am writing my bachelor thesis and I am thankfully using your data for a part of the empirical research. I do however have some questions: 1) There is data on the average rainfall in Somalia but do you also have yearly (or even better: quarterly) data of the rainfall between 1990 and 2010? It seems to me like you do, as there is an option to show the average rainfall in exactly those years. 2) The data that I found on Kenya and Somalia is on a yearly basis. Is it also possible to have quarterly based data? I need this for: - GDP per capita (current US$) in Kenya - Inflation in Kenya - The refugee population by country of asylum for Kenya - Total employment to population ratio (15+) for Kenya - The refugee population by country of origin for Somalia - The battle-related deaths for Somalia - And the IDP high estimate for Somalia 3) Do you have any data on the headcount ratio in Kenya between 1990 and 2010? 4) Does the data on Kenyan GDP (current US$) include aid reveived and other development assistance? Thank you for helping me. Best regards, Roos Bouman