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Great piece. A few quick comments. First I don't think that Data Philanthropy is the best term. If this becomes the norm, private sector actors will view the act of sharing as a corporate write off and it will get marginalized. The challenge is to identify the incentive structures and measurable economic returns for the sharing of private sector data. We need to prove in the economic return of a shared data commons. Otherwise, this is just feel good CSR work. It's a nice intuitive way to raise the awareness on the new possibilities but a trap if we don't drop it relatively soon
Regarding "high frequency" personal data, we need to recognize those bits have the most value and that this is also where vast amounts of "unknown unknowns" lie. The risk of unintended consequences--particularly civil and human rights -- should not be underestimated. Thoughtful and disciplined use of personal data (and the algorithms they will inform) needs to be carefully governed. Absent strong metadata (with provenance and permissions) we have no means to enforce the shared principles that will underlie data-driven development. It sounds corny but we need to really embrace the uncertainty of all these new opportunities and risks. Just like the safeguards placed on human genome research we need to create the clinical labs where individuals, business, legal and technical experts can experiment and fail. addtl thoughts at: