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  • Reply to: India introduces pre-departure orientation for migrant workers   8 months 5 days ago

    Such training program funded by government agency is making way for the stake holders to fill in their pockets...surely it will lead to a huge scam. Any RA holding valid licence to recruit Indian nationals for work in overseas countries should, by default, provide due training as it is an integral part of their business. This being the case, one wonders as to why PDO by the ME A...on the contrary, ME A should ensure all RAs comply and able to demonstrate, evidencing such training to prospective candidates leaving for work in foreign countries.

  • Reply to: Let them come and have a job   9 months 20 hours ago

    Absolutely! I am aware there are lots of odds against migrants; discriminatory huddles to overcome. It takes patients, determination, focus and off course government's support to settle. Historically, migration has been largely due to economic and political issues. Whilst we encourage host countries to show some level of warmth to migrants, to reduce migration requires encouraging economic and political stability in their countries of origin. Perhaps, solving migration problem illustrates the importance of breaking barriers opposing globalisation over protectionism in many countries today.

  • Reply to: Technology and market developments in the remittance industry   9 months 2 days ago

    Good thoughts.

    Consolidation doesn't nessecarily increase costs to consumers as this is scale business. As long as there is some competition or prices will continue to trend downwards.

    Much more important as you point out is the reconfiguration of the value chain as remittances move online. No high street presence to fund, lower cash logistic costs and efficient / scalable digital compliance and customer management all dramatically lower costs which can be passed on to customers.

    As for blockchain? Maybe. The speed is an issue for the mainstream crypto currencies at the moment and it's unlikely that they will solve the last mile delivery in developing and emerging markets. But services like ripple could replace SWIFT and again lower costs for money transfers and in turn consumer.

    Lots of reasons to be hopeful in 2018...

  • Reply to: Remittance flows set to recover this year, after two years of decline   11 months 1 week ago

    Dear Sir,
    On the issue of cost of remittance being high in sub-saharan region due to the exclusivity clause I was wondering if the national regulators of these African countries can bring about a regulation prohibiting such agreements. I presume then there would be some kind competition which can bring down the cost of sending money for the expats to their relatives back home.

  • Reply to: Lower Migration’s Costs and Raise Migration’s Benefits   1 year 2 months ago

    fees, illegal or higher than the government recommended levels are charged on both sides of the fence by agents or brokers, not just the middlemen in the villages. Collusion in the public and private partnership is rampant, bribery is widespread. The industry is opaque and transparency is needed across the entire process from pre and post departure.