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A second time in Second Life

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For the second time in a row, the Doing Business team is venturing into Second Life - an online virtual world - to release its annual report. I'll be assisting Dahlia Khalifa with the presentation on October 30th, 2pm EST. If you want to join in, you can watch streaming video of the event.

Should we develop welfare funds for other migrant origin countries?

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Last week, we released a new brief, "Protecting Temporary Workers: Migrant Welfare Funds from Developing Countries."  This note describes how countries of origin governments can play a major role in protecting their migrants abroad through migrant welfare funds.  It shows that a welfare fund operated from the origin country and financed by migrants or their employers can offer a potential efficient solution to protecting migrants from vulnerable situations abroad.&n

On Learning Governance Communication Capacity

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Like Sina, I too was recently in Cape Town as part of a team of trainers delivering a course titled 'People, Politics and Change: Communication Approaches for Governance Reform'. The participants were 29 senior government officials from 10 different African countries.

China Development Marketplace: Over US$1 Million Awarded to 50 Innovative Projects

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On October 22, 2008 fifty winners were announced at the end of this year China Development Marketplace entitled “Supporting Grassroots Innovations for a Harmonious Society.”  With a total award pool of US $ 1 million, this competition identified efforts targeting poverty reduction and addressing development c

A Mozambique Paradox

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There is widespread consensus that financial development is critical to economic growth, globally, and in Africa. Yet Mozambique, a country with very low levels of financial development (in a recent survey, only 13 percent of firms had obtained credit from the banking sector, rural credit is almost nonexistent), registered a GDP growth rate of over 8 percent a year over the last decade.

The African media and state accountability

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I attended a very interesting seminar today on the role of the media in governance and anti-corruption. Key speaker for the session was the first African-born winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Nigerian journalist Dele Olojede. Mr. Olojede talked about the information and communication revolution that has taken place in Africa in the last decade and how it has transformed the role of the media all across the continent.

Greenspan, chastened

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Today the New York Times reports that Greenspan Concedes Flaws in His Deregulatory Approach. His solution for dealing with financial regulation going forward?

...companies selling mortgage-backed securities [should] be required to hold a significant number themselves.

History repeating itself? Let's hope not...

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One of the factors often pointed to as a cause of the Great Depression was a series of competitive devaluations - 'beggar-thy-neighbor' policies that turned into a lose-lose proposition for industrialized countries. A similar downward spiral has revealed itself during the current financial crisis.