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Privatizing roads - to foreigners even!

Having lived in Latin America for much of my life, I am used to highways being operated by foreign companies. Though here in the US the news that the state of Indiana has agreed to lease a toll toad to a Spanish-Australian joint venture has caused considerable comment:

Amy Goldstein:

Ashoka: quietly encouraging innovators

At an Asia Society event this Monday, I had the pleasure of dining with Ashoka VP Carol Grodzins. The stories she told about what Ashoka Fellows are doing worldwide are truly amazing. These social entrepreneurs receive a three-year stipend from Ashoka to go out and change the world.

Governance and private investment in MENA

Empirical results show that governance plays a significant role in private investment decisions. This result is particularly true in the case of "administrative quality" in the form of control of corruption, bureaucratic quality, investment-friendly profile of administration, and law and order, as well as for "political stability." Evidence in favor of "public accountability" seems, however, less robust.

New sources of development finance?

This Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung working paper looks at the French and Chilean air-ticket taxes, the international finance facility, remittances, currency transaction taxes, carbon taxes and a tax on arms exports.

Meanwhile, Lawrence Summers argues that development goals would be helped if developing countries diversified their reserve holdings to hold more international stocks and bonds instead of mostly US government debt: