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Submitted by Siddique Ahmed on

• From over almost 27 years data spanning shows escalation in PPI & uptick of EMDEs in 2017. Data from the PPI Database for the year 2017 marks an increase of 37 percent in investment levels from 2016 levels. This is attributable to a few megaprojects in China and Indonesia as well as a recovery in South Asia, led mainly by Pakistan. Government support to projects increased from 94 projects in 2016 to 135 in after a decline in between 2012 to 2016. Fifty-two countries received PPI investments, which is a significant increase over the 2016 levels at 37 countries and a past 5-year average of 41. China, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil and Pakistan were the top five investment destinations and together attracted 58 percent of global investments. Investments in the world’s poorest countries reached 8.5 percent of global investments in 2017 compared to 4.3 percent in 2016, with $7.9 billion worth of investments across 35 projects in 17 countries compared to the past 10-year average of 14 countries. Of the 197 electricity generation projects in 2017, 173 projects (88 percent) are renewable energy projects. Renewable continue to increase in numbers in 2017 but saw a drop in the share of electricity generation investment due to coal mega projects in Indonesia worth $7.7 billion. However, I do not find any concrete evidence of PPI investment in Bangladesh despite its ascending towards mid income group.