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Submitted by Dr. Mohamed Taher Abdelrazik Hamada, Ph.D on

Individuals in any nation can share benefits of the economy of this nation , if there is fair distribution
of income among these individuals . Infrastructure projects are valid examples of such share , costs must be divided among individuals according to their wealth and abilities and also the volume of their usage and utilization .
Inspite of the widespread of digital and electricity network , there are still societies that are deprived of these vital services not because of the lack of funds but because of the lack of putting priorities for the infrastructure projects in a fair way .
The World Bank and other world agencies are trying hard to extend their vital services in the field
of digital and electricity networks for the remote areas of the globe that may lack the right means of
transportation and modern means of technology .
Through competition between the private sectors and the public sectors within the framework of PPPS , we all can achieve such goals , this process maybe hard at the beginning ,but once it is started
within the cooperation of all interested agencies , it will get it's benefits and fruits and we have so many
successful examples similar to such cases.
Yours Very Respectfully,
Dr. Mohamed Taher Abdelrazik Hamada, Ph.D
Senior American Citizen
Retired Professor at Strayer University,USA