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February 2012

Global Commodity Watch - February 2012

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The dollar price of non-energy commodities rose by 2.9 percent in January—the first increase in six months—on various weather-related supply constraints, improving macro sentiment, and in part due to dollar depreciation (down 0.6 percent against a broad group of major trading partners). The largest increases were for metals on expectations of higher demand, while several agriculture prices rose due to drought conditions, notably in South America. Crude oil prices moved higher on rising geopolitical tensions. 


Low-growth, high-crime in Central America

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Central America has been one of the hardest hit regions in Latin America and the Caribbean during the 2008/2009 global financial and economic crisis, with one in two economies contracting or stagnating, in large part due to their strong links with the United States economy. Per capita GDP contracted 2.2 percent in 2009 in Central America, and private consumption contracted the most in countries like El Salvador and Honduras, countries that have also seen one of the highest increases in murder rates in 2009.

World Bank published latest commodity prices: February 2012

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In January 2012 most commodity price indices posted modest gains. Energy prices rose by 2.6%, non-energy prices increased by 2.9%, food up by 2.2%, beverages edged up by 1.3%, raw materials rose by 2.5%, metals strengthened by 5.6% but fertilizers fell by 2.7%. The US dollar appreciated 1.9% against the euro and depreciated 0.6% against a broad index of currencies.

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