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Middle East and North Africa

How do companies acquire land when looking abroad for their investments?

Identifying a suitable location for investment is among one of the first decisions to be made once a company has committed to entering a local market for an FDI project. Many assume that foreign companies would automatically seek to acquire land in the most secure and legally available option – typically either purchasing freehold from a private seller or in a long term lease from the government.

Stability in Iraq depends on a business-friendly government

NPR story cited World Bank report

In the report, "Iraq's Shaky Economy Poses Threat to Future," NPR cites The World Bank's Doing Business report that ranks economies based on the ease of doing business in particular countries:

The process of setting up a business in Iraq requires 11 procedures,

How to govern climate-change funds

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A lot of brouhaha has been brought about by The Guardian’s supposed steal on a leaked non-paper drafted by the Danes. Though the non-paper has been around for a while, the drama put fuel on the fire of the discomfort and sense of injustice felt by many developing country delegations. The other story dominating the headlines is bankers' pay. Let me try to link the two in the context of the financing discussions in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen: web 2.0 has come of age, but does it make any difference?

When one looks at the flurry of web 2.0 activity around the ongoing Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, I would venture that it is no exaggeration to affirm that this conference marks the moment when web 2.0 has reached its maturity for the development sector and citizen engagement: from fundraising to campaigning, from real-time reporting to visualizing impacts of the decisions taken by politicans.