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How to defeat witchcraft

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If you're a fan of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, you'll know how. Since a witch burns, she must be made of wood, and since wood floats and ducks also float, logically a witch will weigh the same as a duck (or something like that). And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, this video clip from the absurd 1975 film should clear it up:

Crunch time for microfinance - final thoughts

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CGAP ran a virtual conference last week on microfinance and the financial crisis. (See their website for details and an earlier post on the first round of emails from the conference.) There was a ton of interest in this topic, reflected in the extraordinary volume of communication from all over the globe.

Easterly channels Lenin

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Well, sort of. Bill Easterly reviews Paul Collier's The Bottom Billion in the most recent New York Review of Books. As Easterly points out, Lenin argued that the capitalist powers would divide up the globe between them; Easterly himself comments on the increasingly intertwined ventures of foreign aid and military intervention.

Entrepreneurship - the key to prosperity?

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Following the G20 summit this weekend, the leaders of the world's largest economies issued a statement explaining how they intend to remake the world's economic architecture. On the very first page of the statement you'll run across the following:

Real Simple Reporting, continued: Can web 2.0 help companies report on their performance?

I recently ventured that "real simple reporting" could be the killer app for development 2.0. At that time, I had project reporting to donors in mind. But what about corporate social responsibility and sustainability reporting: Is there a role for web 2.0 there?

Crunch time for microfinance ctd.

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As I argued previously, microfinance will not escape the impact of the financial crisis. CGAP is staging a virtual conference over the next three days on precisely this topic. Here are some of the highlights so far:

Results from the poll of participants: