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Financial Access and “Time-Taxes” in Turkey

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Editor’s Note: Murat Seker and Federica Saliola work in the World Bank's Financial and Private Sector Development Vice Presidency. This blog is a summary of the Country Note prepared for the World Bank's Enterprise Survey. The note for Turkey and several other ECA region countries can be seen at

New Blogger: Filip Drapak

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Public Private Partnership—so often the center of attention and so often misunderstood. Is it a method of public procurement of infrastructure or a tool to mobilize private finance for public infrastructure? Is it capable of transferring risks to the private sector or taking advantage of advanced performance management? And does it deliver value for money to taxpayers or “juicy” deals to rent seeking private companies—these are some of the questions we shall ask in this blog.

The smart economics of educated women

Editor's Note: Jennifer Yip is a consultant for the World Bank Group's Doing Business team.

At an age when mothers admonish their children to finish their brussels sprouts, my mother issued warnings about the importance of getting a PhD if I wanted to gain the respect of my future husband. Those warnings were followed by the oft-repeated reminder that I should "marry well, so you don’t have to work if you don’t want to."

iPhones for all!

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The Economist has an interesting prediction for east Africa: "In a couple of years even fairly poor east Africans may be getting knowledge, news and entertainment on robust versions of existing Apple iPhone and Palm Pre models." This prediction comes just after Kenya's president connected the first of three planned fiber-optic submarine cables.