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Submitted by C. Opon on
Congratulations on launching your fellows programme, but once again and true to type, you have narrowed it down to those who have advanced degrees. If trully your blueprint is to create financially sustainable and scalable organizations that deliver affordable, critical goods and services, then your search must go beyond knowledge- those with advanced degrees- and seek out mavericks- those who defy conventional wisdom and imagine. The poor whom you are targeting have invaluable information on imaginative survival strategies but since they dont have advanced degrees, they cant share their knowledge with others. I dont have an advanced degree but I have very exiting ideas on how to lend to the poor and improve on their incomes and build up their assets. I have posted my ideas on the Buisness in Development Network if you would be interested. Albert Einstein once said that imagination is better than knowledge;can your fellows programme incorporate this to make it more inclusive? Thanks and kind regards Caleb Opon