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How Do You Explain Open Development?

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A few weeks ago, I was wrestling with how to frame the narrative on the open development agenda—open data, open knowledge, open solutions – at the Bank. The work in this area has multiplied across the Bank and for many it was a bit bewildering – lots of new initiatives, interesting ideas, experimental projects – and so it was important to explain in a simple and compelling way how all of these pieces fit together.

I drew in a number of colleagues working on open data and open knowledge to discuss and think about ways to do this. We agreed that Open Development properly executed should allow us to ask and answer 3 basic questions:

  1. What and where are the opportunities to improve lives?
  2. Who is doing what about them?
  3. Is it working?

I came to the realization that the Bank was open in three basic ways: open about what we know, open about what we do, and open in how we work with others. So this idea was framed more elegantly as follows:

Photo Credit: Flickr user Ben Zvan

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