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Submitted by Guy Janssen on

Nails and Hammers
Thank you for the excellent report, Simon. In your domain 1: civil society you wrote: "CSOs that are able to draw on popular support and be accountable to their own constituents, as opposed to being upwardly accountable to donors, seem to be more effective in achieving SAcc goals. This type of CS is not limited to professional NGOs—they include other sources of popular agency, including trade unions, social movements, and religious organizations (Banks and Hulme 2012; Hickey and Bracking 2005)." What mechanisms have been successful in supporting or establishing such CSOs (because we cannot assume that such CSOs exist) without disrupting the organisation’s accountability to its members? You mention that donor interventions have not always been effective. In other words, shouldn't we look at our funding mechanisms at the same time as we analyse our context? If not, every problem will turn into a nail because the only solution we have is a hammer.