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Submitted by Jeje O Ojo on

Thanks for the excellent job sir. The 6th domain which is the Global Dimension being driven by 3 factors can be checkmated, where the citizens are aware of their responsibilities to themselves, their families and to the entire populace especially the vulnerables. With a sense of responsiveness the citizens can device modalties to ensure that the activities of the international donor agencies are placed under the transparency radars of the people, as such issues of offering sugar for cocoa and greek gifts for enslavement will not arise, while agency like Transparent International and others can get involved with sinceerity. However, in doing this there must be proper involvement of all and sundry through proper enlightement as well as enshrined such under the local and global policing with attached grave consequences for the breached. This is necesitated also by the rampant collution of the government using the international bodies and rich elite as proxy to defraud the citizens.