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Submitted by Claudia Melim-McLeod on

Thank for for this interesting post. I think strong images can actually play an important role in influencing policy and sometimes even ending conflict (It is said that the TV images of endless rows of coffins coming to the US in airplanes helped end the Viet Nam war) and one can always turn off the TV if it is too much to cope with in a busy day. The question in my mind is, how can development agencies best alleviate the underlying conditions for the competition for resources and their benefits(land, water, oil, minerals or whatever)that ultimately lies at the root of this? What can we do to help shift incentives so that the costs of oppression outweigh the gains? Nothing is immutable. Think about the 100 Year War in Europe, the independence of India, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of apartheid. What incentives have to be there for current aggressors to pursue their goals by peaceful means?