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Submitted by Monika on

Well, it's funny how - when a new tool or technology emerges - everyone worries about what will happen to the old one.... The TV did not replace the cinema, cinemas re-invented themselves as places primarily to be social; the car did not replace the bicycle - the bicycle re-invented itself as a means for sport, and for transport when main roads don't work, and retained its role as the primary means of transport for the poor or energy poor person; and so it goes. The book was not invented to give enjoyable memories to people sitting on couches - and if this is how we perceive it now, then the re-inventing process is already going on! ;-).

Mind you, in the World Bank Group's Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) we have decided to maintain print as our primary output because a majority of our readers from the poorest countries prefer print (probably not because they read comfortably while collecting pleasant memories, but because it's a safe way to maintain information, as the blog here maintains). Which does not prevent us to also e-publish of course. Life is just getting more diverse - it's not either - or - that's best. And that seems a good thing to be ;-).