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Submitted by Peter Yuen on

I remember when I was a kid, everyone in the neighborhood would be riding their bikes and showing off and racing each other. Those days are so precious that it hardly happens anymore, everyone, no matter the age is now stuck behind a monitor of a phone or tv or computer... Not only is it ruining your health, but you value what you have around you less, you don't see what you have anymore because everyone can find it online. But you can only connect with things online to an extent because you are not really experiencing the thrill of fresh air, skins burning, sweat is pouring out, gnats flying all over your face, etc. Reading about something and actually experience it is completely different, there is no real emotions that can last more than a second. Allowing everyone to have a bicycle day not only will you have a better health but you're also experiencing something real and not some virtual reality game or some fake experience that you read.