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Submitted by Aj Harrison on

What a great article! I never thought about how powerful and useful a bicycle can be other than just riding around for fun. A bicycle is helpful in every country and in some countries it can be the best method of transportation. Best of all, it will significantly lower the use of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. This will allow clearer skies in areas that are affected by pollution, such as China. Also, I am a supporter of women being able to ride bicycles in countries like Syria. In Syria, a woman riding a bike without a man is wrong and will lead to horrible consequences. We need a world bicycle day sanctioned by the United Nations so that countries like Syria can consider a change in their mindset. A world bicycle day will allow everyone who can ride a bike see how beneficial it can be to their health and overall well being. Also, there needs to be a day where it can be safe to ride a bike without having many vehicles in the way.