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Submitted by Leticia Vasconez on

A powerful and inspiring article! Now a days, most people wouldn’t jump at the idea of riding their bike to school or work but little do they know the huge significance that is behind this incredible invention. As the article mentioned, these common place items are now being replaced by modern innovations such as cars, buses and subways. The bicycle is being taking for granted here in places where we are so technologically advanced but there are so many others that can be at great advantage by owning a bicycle. Take for example the woman mentioned, if it wasn’t for the bicycle she would not have been able to expand her milk delivery business and earn money to feed her family. The bicycle is not only an old form of transportation it is a life changing instrument. The best quote from this article is, “Bicycles have the potential to save the world. There’s so much a bicycle can do, from an environmental standpoint, from a health standpoint, and their social impact.” Promoting and advocating to have this World Bicycle Day can change so many lives in a positive way, there are so many other things that are celebrated on a day to day basis that I don’t see how we haven’t had dedicated a day to something so special, throughout all generations, such as the bicycle.