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Submitted by Andy Roman on

The data is not the only thing supporting the popularity of the bicycle, its the people and the love for it! Around the world people everyday commute with bicycles. Cars and trains may be more common, but it is the bicycle that clearly captures the heart of its riders. Bicycles provide easy access to pathways that cars and trains could not travel, and they are of course fantastic for the environment. We, the people, need a bicycle celebration to give our thanks and appreciation for this revolutionary invention. I truly believe that bicycles are the best method of transportation since they allow the rider to see the world in different perspectives. Cars are just for traveling. Bikes are for the experience and the sight-seeing. Besides, the only real difference, depending on the journey between cars and bikes is time. But if you're surrounded by people you love and traveling through a lovely place, would it matter? I think not. In today's society, we are becoming more and more urbanized, and at this pace, cars and trains will have less and less space to move. But do you know who will ride in and save the day? Bikes! **ring-ring**