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Submitted by Hector Cortez on

Most of us have had a bicycle or still have a bicycle stored away somewhere. We don't come to realize the true significance of the bicycle. In the case of Ms. Georgina from the video, she made the best of the bicycle by transporting her milk to earn her money and be able to survive. Countries that suffer from poverty have to find a way to transport around to their destination. Usually it's either by foot, animals, or bicycle. To this day my grandfather, who is in his 70s and has never had a car because he can't afford one, still uses a bicycle to move around. All his life I'm sure he has moved around by foot, horse or his bicycle. Not only is a bicycle a great tool for transportation, but it's obviously beneficial to someone's health. It's a great source of excercise that people can apply to their lives. Riding the bicycle can also reduce the amount of pollution affecting the air we breathe. We can all do our part to help being a global issue. Some countries have even banned people from being able to ride their bikes. I was shocked when I read that people don't even have the freedom to ride a bicycle. And for us who have the all the freedom to ride a bike, take it for granted. So let's take advantage of the bicycle! Let's give the bicycles it's recognition!