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Undeterred, Success Habits of Women in Emerging Economies with Rania Anderson

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Rania Anderson talks about her book Undeterred, The Six Success Habits of Women in Emerging Economies. Rania walks us through the habits. 

  1. to be undeterred, not to give up in the face of obstacles;
  2. to prepare yourself with your confidence and courage, and externally through the skills;
  3. to be focus, having goals and plans;
  4. work and life integration;
  5. accelerate, taking the actions that propel you forward and advance and
  6. lead, from wherever you are and whatever you do.

For the book, Rania interviewed ordinary woman who in normal environments and circumstances are being successful. She purposefully wanted to showcase women from emerging economies who have overcome the challenges around them to build successful ideas. Rania wanted to share her findings and the ideas that apply for women in developing countries.


When I ask Rania if she could say the top three recommendations to advance women’s careers and professional development she says (hey, these recommendations apply for everyone, regardless of gender!!!):

  1. Have a 360 degree network: a comprehensive network with people who are more influential than you, less experienced and peers, inside and outside your industry
  2. Make sure that your experiences are leading you to the path you want to go on.
  3. To have results, something tangible to show and make sure people know about it.

Rania says that “women who make their achievements and their aspirations known by others get further faster”.

You can contact Rania through her website: The Way Women Work.

This post first appeared on Innovation for Development.

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