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  • Reply to: The neglected universal force for peace and stability: LOVE?   1 day 3 hours ago

    Ang tanging dahilan ako ng paggawa nito ay dahil ang aking kaibigan nagtanong ako sa . Sumasang-ayon ako sa pag-ibig ay isang unibersal na puwersa. Ngunit ang mga tao ay dapat na malaman kung paano upang magtagpo. Kailangan naming malaman kung paano gamitin ang kapangyarihan ng pag-ibig para sa isang mas higit na mabuti .

  • Reply to: The neglected universal force for peace and stability: LOVE?   1 day 3 hours ago

    I mainly agree with the article. Like this song lyric I once heard, love is the weapon. Love can be the universal force for change. It can be the answer for peace, only if humans learn to cooperate.

  • Reply to: The neglected universal force for peace and stability: LOVE?   1 day 5 hours ago

    Love is essential, it inspires, and brings people together. If people learned to love each other unconditionally, there would be peace all over the world.

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    El amor hoy en dia es muchas veces por combeniensia mutua. No se save si es verdadero o por interes. Aveces es muy injusto, uno ama a alguien y ese alguien ama a otra persona y otra persona lo ama a uno pero relevante en que si existe solo que los tiempos an cambiado. Antes lo que se danaba se areglaba hoy simplemente se cambia.

  • Reply to: The neglected universal force for peace and stability: LOVE?   1 day 7 hours ago

    Varun ingle
    People not love other people, according to me. There are so many fights between people, like people hate nowadays more than they love. The ISIS, the group that has become a threat for many. They are hurting people. Even though this article says that love is very good and in between people, hatredness is more and is increasing.

    Brijesh Modi
    There is no life without love. "Love is Light that enlightens those who give and receive it". If you do not give love then you aren’t gonna get back from anyone too. If you say no one loves you, then it might be possible that you might not even love them or you hurt them. One should know to love others, love still exist in today’s world but it had to deal with the person who thinks about giving it to others too.

    Ashok Pandit
    I was an astrologer, I retired from my field couple of years back. Love is the primary thing in one’s life. We live and die for love. If we do not get love from others than we wont like to live, and if we die and know that we didn’t got love from others while alive, then some souls do not get peace and that’s not good thing. So people should be loved by others and also should share our feelings instead of keeping it in mind and heart is we are sad.

    Rojin thomas
    I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus a lot. One must understandd the creator of love and his ways of blessing the people with an eternal gift, Love to its children. Most of the people get love by others but those who find someone for love doesn’t actually look for love but to fill the loneliness that they might feel when they are alone or missing or feels or being left out somewhere.

    Ben Fang
    Everybody agrees that people are made to love and to be loved. People from different backgrounds in this article, the writers, concluded that Love is universal. People live with each other only if they have love for each other. Every aspect of our lives includes love, but people do not always realize it. Love is an unseen universal force, people forgot the virtue of love.

    Love is what makes or breaks us. Without love in our heart, we are left in a void with no way out. We cant ignore it as it would be become as a missed opportunity to attain happiness. Love is what makes a person go beyond their comfort zone. Its an awesome feeling.

    Alen cordon
    Love drives people like Martin Luther King Jr. mentioned in the article, like to go out and try to change the world. Whether we admit it or not, we believe everyone should experience love. We want to believe that love fits in an equation that explained something so scientifically significant. E=mc^(2) . Love multiplied by speed of light squared.

    Rajvinder Singh
    Love is great thing in one’s life. People who do not have love with someone don't know what they lose or they miss in their life. It takes a lot to love, it is a great feeling in self, for example loving family, neighbors, and friends is the best one can have. Everyone should love each other so that we can all be happy.

    Renish Jain
    As a philosopher, according to me, I think that how love can effect various people in many different ways. It can affect different people in different ways. In the article Einstein said, Love is a universal force. There must be something else he meant when he said that. The universal force of love is all around us; as stars align and being at a place at that point of time we may feel the force of love. Its all around the world.

    Kiki Sue

    I don’t think that love is still relevant in today’s society. It cannot solve any problems like that of economical, social, political and others. Dishonesty among people is far more influential than love. According to me, people don’t love each other these days as before.

    Rohit Mishra
    LOVE is a very powerful word and force. A specific quote that really touched me was that of Mother Teresa, “We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopelessness is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love.”. this made my cry. And also to think about love in a more general way about the society as a whole.

    Sapna Pandey
    Love is the only natural force that transcends all cultures and all religion. Without it, love could not exist between people. This article made me realized how effective and powerful the life is. As Einstein has said, without love there would be no life. I am really glad reading this article.