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Governance and accountability: What role for media?

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Politics is made of people. We need to be able to question our leaders so that we can hold them to account. How can media play a role in helping people improve governance and accountability? Follow the discussion below to find out!

Our panel
Angela Githitho-Muriithi, Country Director, Kenya, BBC Media Action
- Duncan Green, Senior Strategic Advisor, Oxfam GB
- Luis-Felipe Lopez-Calva, Co-Director, World Development Report 2017, World Bank
- Stephen King, Partner, Omidyar Network
- Thomas Hughes, Executive Director, Article 19+

The discussion was chaired by the BBC's Ritula Shah+

Watch the full panel discussion:

“Governance and Accountability: What role for media?” - Panel Discussion


We learnt that the understanding of 'information ecosystems' is essential:

And discussed the impact of fake news and control of media.

There was also a call for more funding:

and consensus that we'll need to patient - change takes time.

We shared what we've learned from some of our projects and showed the impact they've had.


But how can media development organisations improve sustainability?

and how can they strengthen research?

For more information about the impact of media on political participation and accountability - read our reports:

All beautifully illustrated in an animation too!
The Power of Talk - BBC Media Action

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