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Help Us Assess Our Work

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As many of you know by now, CommGAP is closing its doors this fall. We believe we have achieved a lot in the past five years, but we want to know what you think about our work - and about the role of communication for governance reform in general. Please help us assessing our performance and get a sense of your perception of the link between communication and governance by participating in our survey! It only takes about ten minutes. Deadline for participating is July 15.

If you are like me, you have little patience to click your way through all those survey questions. Nevertheless, you would help us very much by giving us ten minutes of your time. If we know what you think about CommGAP's work, we can do it better in a potential successor program. And if we know what you think about the role of communication in governance we get a better grasp of what is important to your work and how programs like CommGAP can best support you.

The survey starts out with a few questions about CommGAP - your relationship with us and your evaluation of our work. The next block of questions is about governance in general - what is most important for good governance and how can good governance be achieved? The last part of the survey is about communication and governance reform. Here we basically want to know whether you think communication has anything to do with governance and if so, how it could be best utilized. Since you are interested in governance - why else are you reading this?! - you might enjoy telling us our mind about these issues. And it really is only ten minutes!

Replies are, of course, entirely anonymous. We'll provide a summary of the results to those that are interested. And now: click here and bring it on!


Submitted by Rezwan Alam on
A very unwise decision when it was begining to contribute to greater understanding about development communication issues. Alas, this decision was taken by non-communication people!

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