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Quote of the Week: Sami, Libya

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"Sami, a 42-year-old engineer in Tripoli, has lived all his life under Col Gaddafi. He told BBC World Service that it would be hard for many Libyans to adjust. 'I was brought up in this system, I was educated in this system, you get used to his environment,' he said. 'We have lived this, we understand it - we know the barriers, and we know the rules. It's part of our lives. To change to something unknown is very difficult.'"

-- As quoted in BBC News, Libya fighting: as it happened.

Photo Credit: BRQ Network (Flickr)

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Submitted by Tayyithu Mohamed on
It may be a meaningful quate, but they are doing, I wish good luck to Lybian people. Hope no dictator is turned in the name democracy.

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