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Weekly Wire: the Global Forum

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These are some of the views and reports relevant to our readers that caught our attention this week.

Linda Raftree
Mobile technology and workforce development programs with girls and young women

“The March NYC Technology Salon offered an opportunity to discuss how mobile technology can transform workforce development and to hear how mobile is improving the reach and impact of existing initiatives working with girls and young women. Attendees also raised some of the acute, practical challenges and the deeper underlying issues that need to be overcome in order for girls and women to access and use mobile devices and to participate in workforce development programs and the labor market.”  READ MORE

U.S. Government Funding for Media: Trends and Strategies

“CIMA announces the release of its most recent report, U.S. Government Funding for Media: Trends and Strategies, by veteran journalist Peter Cary and CIMA’s project coordinator for research Rosemary D’Amour. It is based on an in-depth examination of proposals for media development projects put forward by USAID and the U.S. Department of State and of annual regional and global funding totals for media freedom and freedom of information provided by the State Department. It tracks the amount of funding being made available and analyzes the types of media development projects receiving U.S. government support from 2008 through 2012.”  READ MORE

Open Democracy
Gathering clouds over digital freedom

“Threats to digital freedom are growing just as the number of people accessing the internet is taking off, with millions more likely to join the digital world through mobiles and smartphones in the coming years.

The range of challenges is wide: from state censorship, including firewalls and the imposition of network or country-wide filters, to increasing numbers of takedown requests from governments, companies and individuals, corporate hoovering up of private data, growing surveillance of electronic communications, and criminalisation of speech on social media.”  READ MORE

Digital Philanthropy: What's New in Non-Profit Fundraising?

“Online philanthropy is on the rise. Street canvassing and big galas, while still helpful to garner support for good causes, are no longer the fundraising methods on which non-profits should focus. It's the web — where anyone, anywhere, can donate with the click of a mouse or tap of a smartphone screen — that really increases support on a grassroots level.

M+R Strategic Services, a public relations and communications firm working with leading non-profits, and the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), a membership organization of non-profit professionals using technology for good causes, will release their 2013 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study on Wednesday, examining what has worked in online fundraising and advocacy within the past year.” READ MORE

Transparency International
Do we need women-specific anti-corruption projects?

“For decades, gender sensitivity has been part of project design in a range of international development and assistance programmes, including anti-corruption efforts. The concept simply acknowledges that different policies and programmes have differing impacts on men and on women.

But has enough been done to make programme design practices gender-sensitive? And do we need women-specific anti-corruption projects?”  READ MORE

The Guardian
Tax emerges as crucial issues in post-2015 development talks

“Tax evasion by multinationals and corrupt leaders has emerged as a key issue ahead of the third substantive meeting of a UN high-level panel to discuss a framework for development after 2015.

The theme of this week's meeting in the sweltering Indonesian resort island of Bali is global partnership, the orphan child of the millennium development goals (MDGs). Devoid of clear targets, MDG8 talks in general terms about an open, rule-based trading and financial system, dealing with debt burdens, providing access to affordable essential medicines, and increasing access to new technologies. Goal eight also mentions fostering links between the public and private sector to drive better development.”  READ MORE


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