Learn about the impact that climate-related sea-level rise may have on the maritime and legal rights – and even habitability – of Pacific nations, and policy options that may be available to them…

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A new World Bank report, Environmental Challenges for Green Growth and Poverty Reduction: A Country Environmental Analysis for the Lao PDR analyzes the environmental challenges most closely linked…

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In a changing climate—with more frequent, longer lasting, or extreme wind, rain, snow, cold, and heat—how can urban planning and design influence our mobility choices? And how can city governments…

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Th Country Liaison Officer for the World Bank in Kiribati has coordinated large investments, including establishing permanent access to fresh water and creating infrastructure to accelerate…

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Le Groupe de la Banque mondiale s'efforce de combattre la pollution par le plastique à chaque maillon de la chaîne de valeur.

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World Bank Group funds projects to rein in pollution at every stage of plastic value chain.

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نعمل على مكافحة للتلوث الناجم عن النفايات البلاستيكية في كل مرحلة من مراحل سلسلة القيمة البلاستيكية. ولدينا حاليا مشاريع قائمة بقيمة 1.3 مليار دولار لإدارة النفايات الصلبة والأنشطة الأخرى التي…

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Группа Всемирного банка финансирует проекты, призванные сократить масштабы загрязнения на каждом этапе производства и использования пластика.

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Delhi and the surrounding National Capital Region (NCR) are often the focus of media reports on air quality, but poor air quality is a concern across the country, as noted in a recent World Bank…

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Irrigation agencies around the world have continued to function despite challenging circumstances. However, there have been multiple shocks impacting service delivery.

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