Many African countries acted swiftly and early to contain the spread. But lockdowns and border closures have, caused immense hardships particularly for those that depend on informal employment,…

Rebekka Grun, Amina Semlali, Frieda Vandeninden |

In Burkina Faso, as in other West African countries, the judicial system faces several challenges: slow judicial procedures, difficulty with providing evidence, corruption, etc. As a result, these…

Fatimata Deme |

As the region recovers from the economic downturn, it is important that governments make their recovery 'green'.

Lia Sieghart, Martin Heger |

Beset by poverty or pressured by tradition, some parents in Burkina Faso do not think twice about marrying off their daughters when they are very young. In some instances also, the honor of the…

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The project seeks to improve governance and promote sustainable land use activities to reduce deforestation and conserve biodiversity in strategic areas of the Colombian Amazon.

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Today, the world is seeing an unprecedented freeze on work and production, a repercussion of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the measures taken to confine it.

Dalal Moosa, Federica Saliola |

Of the region’s 450 million people, nearly two-thirds, almost 300 million people, are under the age of 35. Unfortunately, this vast human resource is highly “untapped,” and nearly 80 percent of…

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The region needs to accelerate the pace of economic growth, reduce inequality and improve governance

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